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Why Furnace Cleanings Are Necessary

One huge part of furnace maintenance inspections is the cleaning and adjusting of the system. Over time, a furnace system can get dirty or backed up with soot and grime that will ultimately inhibit the efficiency and efficacy of the equipment. This can be fixed with routine maintenance, or more specifically, with routine system cleaning.

We’re not just talking about cleaning the outside of your furnace and making it aesthetically pleasing. We’re talking about cleaning the interior components and improving the safety as well as the functionality of the system. Furnace cleanings as well as furnace repairs in Fort Wayne, IN are essential in keeping your heating system safe and effective.

Today, we’re going to talk about some common problems that can crop up with a dirty furnace. We’ll discuss why maintenance and targeted repairs are such great solutions for a furnace that’s getting dirty.

Removing Soot and Grime

When we inspect your furnace system during routine maintenance, one of the most important parts of the process is cleaning. We need to clean off your furnace’s burners and remove any soot and grime that might have built up over time. This is because this material will impede the heating process and sometimes cause a build-up of gas that can be both dangerous, obnoxious, and incredibly inefficient.

Unfortunately, this is not a process that can be done by yourself. Specialized equipment is required to clean a furnace, and only a licensed HVAC professional can safely open up a furnace and get to work cleaning and inspecting it. Here are two benefits that come from professional maintenance and cleaning.

Improving the Safety of Your Furnace

We mentioned previously that a build-up of grime and soot can coalesce inside your furnace system to cause a blockage of the burners. This is dangerous because it can cause the gas to pool up and ignite all at once in a small, miniaturized explosion. While this might just sound like a soft boom coming from your furnace system, this is a signal that your furnace isn’t safe.

This small explosion can cause cracks to form in your furnace to the point where your heat exchanger starts leaking gas or carbon monoxide into your home. When a professional HVAC technician cleans your furnace, they’re preventing this problem from happening and allowing the gas to ignite softly and safely without pooling up due to a dirty burner.

Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Furnace

In addition to being unsafe, a rumbling and booming furnace doesn’t run efficiently. A build-up of grime or soot in your furnace system can cause it to burn gas slowly and abruptly which burns more gas and causes your fuel consumption to increase. This will also wear down certain components of your furnace system and cause it to run for longer and provide subpar results when heating your home. All of this leads to your furnace running poorly and inefficiently which is why routine maintenance, targeted repairs, and cleaning are necessary services that needs to be provided for your furnace.

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