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Fort Wayne, IN Furnace Systems & Service

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Central furnaces are an efficient and economical way to heat a home in climates with frigid winters. Furnace technology has advanced to meet the needs of homeowners who’ve come to depend on these tried-and-true methods of keeping a home warm and comfortable. When it’s time to upgrade an outdated furnace or have one installed in a new home, we’re the team you can trust.

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We’ve been installing central furnaces in Fort Wayne, IN homes since 1996. Rely on our trustworthy, NATE-certified technicians for furnace installations, repairs, and maintenance.

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Furnace Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

Outside of choosing a furnace for your heating system, there are so many other options to think about. At Collier's Comfort we will help you choose the system that work best to fit your home’s space and needs. From sizing the system to fit the specifications of your space, to discussing brands and system types, we have you covered every step of the way! Call today to schedule furnace installations in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding area.

Gas Furnaces are the Most Common

Gas furnaces are by far the most common type of heating system in the Fort Wayne area, using natural gas to feed burners that provide the source of the heat. Gas furnaces are more expensive to install than electric furnaces and don’t tend to last quite as long, but they’re usually cheaper to run from month to month, and they tend to heat the home more quickly than electric furnaces.

If you need a new gas furnace installed, our team can discuss your options with you. If your furnace is having problems, give us a call to get them fixed the right way. And if your furnace just needs a little tune–up, we’ll be there in a flash. No one can take care of your system the way we can and we’re ready to go when you are!

Electric Furnaces Have Their Benefits

Electric furnaces use heated coils to provide heat for your home. That takes longer to warm the home and tends to cost more money, since electricity is more expensive than natural gas. On the other hand, electric furnaces don’t need a natural gas line – making them excellent options for rural homes and vacation homes – and they tend to last longer than gas furnaces do They also cost less to install, since you don’t need to worry about gas lines.

Electric furnaces differ from gas furnaces in a number of key ways, which means you don’t want just any service to take care of yours. Look for the team with the skills and experience to deal with the unique needs of electric furnaces, and ensure that your Fort Wayne home remains warm and cozy no matter what!

Fort Wayne, IN Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Most furnaces can last for a decade or longer, and in order to make the most out of that equation, you need to be ready with the right service. It starts when the system is first installed, which needs to be conducted with professionalism and care. We recommend scheduling yearly furnace maintenance to extend the life and performance of your system. Our heating technicians will look for issues, clean your furnace, and make any minor repairs that are needed to help your furnace run more effectively.

That continues with timely Fort Wayne, IN furnace repairs when breakdowns occur and regular maintenance to stop those breakdowns from happening in the first place. Finally, when your system has run its course, you need a service like ours to replace your furnace with a new one! If you’re looking for furnace repair in Fort Wayne, IN, you’re in the right place! For all of your Fort Wayne, IN furnace needs, contact our team today! Give us a call to request an estimate on furnace services in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding area.

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