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Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning Services in Fort Wayne, IN

There’s a number of air conditioning systems available, including heat pumps and split air conditioners. But most of us are accustomed to traditional centralized air conditioners: which cool the air in a single locale, then blow them into the four corners of the home through a system of ducts. It’s a simple and effective system, and can provide reliable cooling to your home for many years.

Naturally, it helps to have a quality service on your side, not only to install a central air unit in your home, but to keep it maintenance and repair it when breakdowns occur. The trained team at Collier's Comfort can handle central air conditioner issues of all varieties throughout the Fort Wayne area. If you need a new central AC system, or your existing system needs some help, call on us every time: a company you’ve grown to trust.

Your Satisfaction with every job.

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Barry Barnes, This week

Only company I will use for heating and air conditioning!! AC went out on a 4th of July weekend 2 yrs ago and was only company out of 5 I called to respond...

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Helen, Fort Wayne

Have had Collier's for 20 years and have been quite satisfied.

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Ronster 66, This month

Bought a geothermal system from them years ago and it has far exceeded expectations. We purchase the spring/fall maintenance plan. Have had the same...

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How Does It Work?

Central air conditioners utilize refrigerant, which circulates through a series of valves and coils to cool the air. The refrigerant is first compressed and shifted from gaseous to liquid form, which releases a great deal of heat. (The heat is released outside your home in most cases.) The pressurized liquid refrigerant, then enters a series of expansion coils, where it shifts back to gaseous form: pulling heat from the nearby air in the process.

It’s an effective system, but it relies on a number of factors to work correctly. When one of them suffers problems, it can affect the entire system. You also need a professional service, with proper licensing and credentials, to address any issues that you may have. Here in Fort Wayne, that means the pros at Collier's Comfort, who are ready to go when you are!

What’s Involved in Installation?

Installing a new air conditioner is a fairly direct process in most cases, though it takes formal licensing to conduct. More important is the planning process, in which you need to select the specifics of your new unit. This requires a lot of preparation, which should concentrate on the following specifics:

  • Sizing. An underpowered air conditioner won’t do the job. An overpowered one will short–cycle: turning on and off rapidly and wasting tons of energy in the process. You want a system that fits the Goldilocks Rule: neither too small nor too large but just right.
  • Efficiency. Air conditioners measure efficiency in terms of SEER ratings, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more effectively the system uses its energy.

Once those specifics are in place, you can find the system that’s right for you!

Repairs and Maintenance Go Hand in Hand

Swift repair sessions are an absolute necessity, not only for central AC systems, but for split air conditioners and similar alternative units. That’s why we offer quality repair services 24 hours a day and are ready for emergency repairs as well as those that occur at a more leisurely pace.

But we also believe that prevention is the best repair service, which is why we can provide timely maintenance sessions not only to catch big repair jobs when they’re still small. The process will also help the air conditioner perform more efficiently, lowering the monthly costs and reducing wear and tear on the system.

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