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Fort Wayne, IN Central Air Conditioning Systems & Services

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A central air conditioner is a tried-and-true method of cooling down your home during our hot and humid summers. These systems are simple and effective, but they still require an expert team when it comes to their installation, maintenance, and repair. Rely on Collier's Comfort to keep your home an oasis of cool comfort when temperatures skyrocket.

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Whether you’re looking for a new, high-efficiency air conditioner or need a repair on an existing system, we’ve been providing quality air conditioning services at affordable prices since 1996. Let us help you find the perfect AC for your needs and budget.

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How Do Central Air Conditioners Work?

Central air conditioners utilize refrigerant, which circulates through a series of valves and coils to cool the air. The refrigerant is first compressed and shifted from gaseous to liquid form, which releases a great deal of heat. (The heat is released outside your home in most cases.) The pressurized liquid refrigerant, then enters a series of expansion coils, where it shifts back to gaseous form: pulling heat from the nearby air in the process.

It’s an effective system, but it relies on a number of factors to work correctly. When one of them suffers problems, it can affect the entire system. You also need a professional service, with proper licensing and credentials, to address any issues that you may have. Here in Fort Wayne, that means the pros at Collier's Comfort, who are ready to go when you are!

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