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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne, IN

Heat pumps systems are an innovative way to both warm and cool the air in your home. They utilize the principles of air conditioning to do their job, and with the varying temperatures here in Fort Wayne, IN, they can make an excellent means of keeping your home comfortable. But they can’t be repaired or maintained by just any company. Services that attempt to transpose traditional air conditioning repair methods to a heat pump are doing a partial job at best and can actively make things worse in some cases.

Luckily you have options. The friendly pros at Collier's Comfort have the experience to handle heat pumps of all varieties, and do the job with confidence instead of guesses. That applies to heat pump maintenance as well as heat pump installation and heat pump repair. Call on us today: a company you’ve grown to trust!

Your Satisfaction with every job.

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Barry Barnes, This week

Only company I will use for heating and air conditioning!! AC went out on a 4th of July weekend 2 yrs ago and was only company out of 5 I called to respond...

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Helen, Fort Wayne

Have had Collier's for 20 years and have been quite satisfied.

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Ronster 66, This month

Bought a geothermal system from them years ago and it has far exceeded expectations. We purchase the spring/fall maintenance plan. Have had the same...

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work the same way air conditioners do: cycling refrigerant through a series of coils that first release heat from them (usually from the outdoor part of the unit), then induces them to pull heat from the nearby air. The cooled air can then be blown into the home with a fan.

Heat pumps simply add a twist to the equation. The flow of refrigerant can be reversed, cooling the air outside and releasing heat inside, which can then be blown through your ducts. Fort Wayne winters can get cold, and in some cases a smaller furnace can be connected to the heat pump. Either way, the system provides great savings over other types of HVAC systems.

How Do Heat Pumps Save Money?

Heat pumps require electricity to operate, just like air conditioners do, but they only need that to run the fan motors and a few other components: not to generate the heat themselves. Because the refrigerant does the work, and because refrigerant is a renewable resource (though it occasionally leaks and must be recharged from time to time), it costs much less to heat the air than other furnaces which consume gas and similar resources.

Of course, that assumes it’s functioning as it should and that breakdowns or similar problems are addressed as quickly as possible. We have the team to do just that and we serve homes throughout the Fort Wayne area. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Heat pump systems are reliable and can last a long time, but that depends on regular service every step of the way. Heat pump installation needs to be conducted with care, while heat pump maintenance can help prevent repair calls from being necessary. In the event you need heat pump repairs, we can be there in a flash and get the job done right every time.

Heat pumps can be an invaluable part of your home, and recent advances in the field have made the more efficient than ever. Let our team be your go–to source for everything your system might need!

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