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Fort Wayne, IN Ductwork Services

Both residences and commercial properties here in Fort Wayne, IN, utilize ducts to move air from their HVADC system into the rest of the building. The ducts are absolutely vital in ensuring that a centralized heating and air conditioning system can do its job. Every duct system is different, matching the specific needs of your home, and when you need work done on your ducts, you need a company that respects that difference.

That’s our job, and we take great pride in doing it extremely well. At Collier's Comfort we can perform ductwork service on residential and commercial buildings alike, and our services include ducts testing and sealing as well as duct installation. Contact our trained team today to see what we can do for you. Collier's Comfort: a company you’ve grown to trust.

Your Satisfaction with every job.

Glenn & Peggy, Ossian's Profile Image
Glenn & Peggy, Ossian

We appreciate the promptness of your services. Our water heater quit on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon our new one was installed.

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Jay Schmidt, This week

Tech was friendly & efficient

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Haley, Uniondale

Everyone is very kind and easy to work with. They always go the extra mile.

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Basic Services are a Snap

Ducts work like any other appliance in your home, though because they’re often hidden behind the walls or in other out–of–the–way locations, problems with them can be hard to spot. Leaks, breaches and other build–ups are often hidden, and it can be weeks or even months before you spot them.

Our trained team has the solution to you problem, and we perform basic ductwork services throughout the Fort Wayne area. If you’re suffering from a loss of heating or cooling power, if strange noises are coming from your ducts, or if you spot dust or other unusual material coming form your vents, give us a call today!

We Handle Commercial Ductwork Too

Residences in Fort Wayne aren’t the only buildings that require ductwork services. Commercial buildings also need heated and cooled air distributed through their various corners. In many ways, commercial ductwork is even more important than residential ductwork, since it must condition a much larger space as well as meeting the unique needs of the business in question.

Here, too, our team is ready to go. Our contractors can deal with ductwork services during the construction of a new building, as well as maintaining and repairing them when trouble arises. Call us today to get the matter resolved!

We Provide Custom Ductwork Services

Every building is unique, and thus every system of ducts needs to be unique as well. That often translates to a need for custom ductwork: handling odd corners, unique floor layouts or a specific need that a home or business might have. In some cases, it need to address a specific problem, such as reduced air flow in certain portions of the building.

That requires a great deal of expertise: a professional service that not only possesses the skills to do the job, but can provide the exact specifications your home or business needs. Here, too, you can rely on our company to get the job done. We’ll consult with you on your needs and provide a thorough inspection of your ducts, then develop a plan that meets your specific requirements. That way, the job can be completed the right way, and your space will have the reliable HVAC service it needs.

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