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Air Purifiers in Fort Wayne, IN

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Clean air is a requirement in today’s modern world, especially when it comes to germs and other biological contaminants. Dry air in the winter leaves you more vulnerable to colds, while the hot, muggy summer weather fosters the growth of mold. Portable air filters can only do so much, so what’s the solution? At Collier's Comfort, we install the very best whole-house air purification systems like the iWave that’ll clean the air throughout your entire home.

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iWave uses patented technology, called needle-point bi-polar ionization, to ensure the proper amount of positive and negative ions to combat the causes of poor indoor air quality in your home.

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How Do Air Purifiers Work?

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If you’re talking about eliminating germs and other biological contaminants, you’re likely talking about UV air purifiers. These forms of air purification system utilize ultraviolet light to kill germs. We can’t see UV light, but it causes our skin to tan and burn when we go out in the sun. At lower levels, UV lights (or blacklights) can make our white clothes glow in the dark.

It’s harmless to us, but for germs and tiny organisms, it will either kill them outright or render then incapable of reproducing. That’s exactly the kind of power you need to run a whole house air purifier. But how do you set up those lights to do the most good in the least amount of time.

They Work with Your HVAC System

Obviously, you can’t simply put UV lights up everywhere in your Fort Wayne home. You need the lights placed somewhere where they can do the most amount of good in the least amount of space. The apex to your heating and cooling ducts is the perfect spot to clean your system.

A whole–house air purifier stretches UV lights across the apex of the ducts — an impenetrable sheet of light that even the tiniest organism can’t get through. As the air cycles through your heating system and cooling system, germs in the air get pushed through the light. The longer the system runs, the more of your air is cleansed of germs, and the fresher and healthier you air will feel.

We’re Here to Help

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As your go–to source for air cleaners and UV air purifiers, we’re dedicated to installing whole–house air purifiers in your home with courtesy and pride. We also want to make sure that your air purification devices runs exactly as it should. The best air purifiers rarely need servicing beyond changing the light bulb, and in the unlikely event repairs are required, we can be there quickly to make it happen.

That’s all part and parcel of the services provided, and when it comes to air purifiers, that diligence can pay off. A happy healthier home means fewer illnesses, lower levels of mold growth and an overall energy in the home that can’t be readily duplicated. Call our team today to get the process started!

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