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Fort Wayne, IN Radiant Heating Systems & Service

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Radiant heating systems provide unparalleled levels of home comfort that homeowners swear by. Instead of a furnace that pushes heated air through ductwork, radiant heating uses coils or tubes installed beneath the floor to warm the rooms of your home directly. The result is a cozy and comfortable method of heating that’s also highly efficient and economical.

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We’ve been installing radiant heating systems in Fort Wayne, IN homes since 1996. Whether you need repairs or maintenance on an existing system or want to have a system installed in your home, rely on the local experts.

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How Does Radiant Heating Work?

Radiant heaters, also known as in–floor heating, entail the placement of heated coils or tubes placed directly beneath the floorboards of your home. Heated water is pumped through them, moving heat directly through the floorboards and into the room instead of conveying the heat indirectly through the air.

The installation of in–floor heating requires a professional and here in Fort Wayne, you need someone with experience to do the job right. We can go over your options with you and let you know what kind of radiant heating system might be a good fit for your home. We’re ready to go when you are, so call us today to get the process started!

How Does Radiant Heating Benefit My Home?

In–Floor heating systems cost more to install, since the floors in your home need to be removed and replaced in order to install one. In exchange, however, they offer a number of tangible advantages. Radiant heating systems don’t cost as much to run as forced–air furnaces, since it doesn’t take much electricity to run the pumps and other components. And since much of the system is located in the space beneath your floors, it doesn’t suffer from much wear and tear.

On top of that, radiant heating systems eliminate a lot of the problems associated with forced–air furnaces, such as dust, germs and other contaminants blown through the home. Radiant heating systems don’t create drafts or cold spots either, and with regular care and maintenance can last you for many years!

Radiant Heating Installation, Maintenance & Repair 

You might be in the market for a new heating system and want to do without the problems associated with a furnace. Or perhaps your home was built before the advent of air conditioning, which means it can’t support a system of ducts. We can handle the installation of a new radiant heater in your home no matter what the circumstances.

The same holds true for homes that already have radiant heating, and need a maintenance session or perhaps a repair job. We deliver high levels of quality and won’t rest until the job is done the right way!

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