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Duct Testing and Sealing

Fort Wayne, IN Duct Testing and Sealing

The ducts in your walls and attic are a vital part of your Fort Wayne, IN home: carrying heat from your furnace in the winter and cool air from your air conditioner in the summer to the various corners of your home. They’re often protected from damage since they’re hidden out of the way, but leaks and other issues can spring up, and when they do, it can be very hard to spot the issue.

That’s why a trained service like Collier's Comfort can provide quality duct testing for your home, as well as duct sealing services in the event a breach or leak is detected. We stand by our reputation as one of the best home services in the Fort Wayne, IN area, and our trained team can be at your home in a flash. Call on a company you’ve come to trust today!

Your Satisfaction with every job.

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Glenn & Peggy, Ossian

We appreciate the promptness of your services. Our water heater quit on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon our new one was installed.

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Jay Schmidt, This week

Tech was friendly & efficient

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Haley, Uniondale

Everyone is very kind and easy to work with. They always go the extra mile.

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What Kinds of Problems Are Associated With Leaking Ducts

A crimp or similar damage to your ducts can slow down the flow of air to your home. That can force your HVAC system to work harder than it should – raising your monthly bills considerably – and with hot or cooled air backed up into your system, the chances of a more serious breakdown increase considerably.

Leaks are less dire, but by pulling conditioned air out or unconditioned air in, they still cost your system unnecessarily. Sadly, it can be hard to spot the signs of trouble, since the ducts are usually hidden from sight. Look for odd noises, reduced air flow from your vent, warm or cold spots on the walls, and periodic shutdowns in your system.

Duct Testing Requires Professional Attention

While common symptoms like those described above can alert you to the problem. It requires the services of a professional to pinpoint the spot of the leak or similar problem. Duct testing is designed to do that, using air pressure detectors and other equipment that lets the technician note the specific point where the trouble occurs.

We’re proud to offer quality duct testing using the very latest equipment and the experience that comes from years on the job. We can spot the presence of any kind of trouble in your ducts, then formulate a fast and effective plan to get the issue addressed. Call us today to learn more.

Duct Sealing Needs Specific Equipment

Once a duct leak has been detected, the next step is to get it sealed. Again, this is best left to the services of professionals, who can make use of proper equipment to do so. Believe it or not, ducts cannot be repaired by duct tape, which can’t hold its integrity when temperatures rise and falls.

Instead, trained technicians use duct mastic to seal the leak, or else use fitted pieces of duct in the case of more serious breaches. In the easiest cases, the leak can be fixed merely by replacing a loose bolt or fitting between two pieces of duct that have separated. Regardless of the circumstances, our trained team can do the job for you!

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