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What’s Wrong with Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps are amazing. Who would have thought thirty years ago that we would use refrigeration technology to keep our homes comfortable for the entire year? Being able to move heat from one location to another isn’t just nice for keeping our food cold, it’s also a great method for keeping our homes warm in the winter. If you haven’t looked into heat pump technology, we highly advise you do so, since they’re becoming much more than just an alternative way of heating a home.

However, heat pumps aren’t removed from having their own set of problems. A heat pump can require specialized heating repair in Churubusco, IN when it runs into its own problems. Keep reading as we get into what some of these problems are and why homeowners are choosing our team of heat pump experts to provide the care they need!

Not Your Average Heater Problem

The interesting thing about heat pumps is that they don’t suffer from the same problems that a furnace might. If you’re looking around your heat pump for a gas leak, carbon monoxide leak, or some kind of problem with a “burner” then you’re going to be looking for a very long time. Heat pumps use electricity, compression, and refrigerant to keep your home warm, which is why the problems they encounter have to do with these things.

A Refrigerant Leak

While refrigerant makes us think of the cold temperatures inside our refrigerator, it’s really used for both heating and cooling when it comes to a heat pump. If your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, that means it’s leaking the substance that is required to heat your home. With less refrigerant, you’ll see lower efficiency, problems develop in your system, and an overall decrease in comfortable temperatures. If your home is becoming colder in the winter and you’re paying more money for heat, you could be dealing with a refrigerant leak.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Since the refrigerant in your system needs to evaporate and condense at constant rates, this causes your system to have to deal with moisture. During the spring, summer, or fall, moisture can be a huge problem for a heat pump to the point where the condensate drain gets clogged up and mold begins to form. You can usually tell if there’s a problem with your heat pump’s condensate drain if there’s a sour smell coming from your vents.

Clogged Air Filter

Yes, your heat pump has an air filter. The coils inside your system are extremely delicate, and even a minor amount of dust, dirt, or debris can damage the system causing it to dramatically lose efficiency. This is why your air filter is so important and must be cleaned out regularly.

If you’re seeing a decrease in efficiency or poor comfort levels in your home from your heat pump system, it could be from a clogged air filter. Take a moment to go change out your air filter and see if it makes any noticeable difference.

Call Collier’s Comfort today if you need help with your heat pump. True Comfort, True Savings.

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