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Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractors in Churubusco, IN

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- Steve & Carol, Huntington

If your air conditioner goes out in the summer here in Churubusco, IN, you can feel the difference within minutes. The same holds true for a faulty heating system in the winter, which can make your home or business feel like an icebox.

It helps to have a reliable service to call upon anytime your home or residential HVAC system runs into trouble. That’s where we come in: a company you’ve grown to trust. With Collier's Comfort on your side, you can be sure your HVAC system is running the right way. Call us today!

Churubusco, IN Heating Repair

You should never attempt heating repairs yourself, but you can certain spot the signs of trouble when your Churubusco, IN heater runs into trouble. Possible symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Strange noises
  • Higher bills than expected
  • Reduced heating levels
  • Reduced air flow from the vents.
  • Short cycling: turning on and off rapidly multiple times throughout the day.

If you spot these signs, turn your heater off immediately and call the pros at Collier's Comfort to get it fixed.

We Install New Air Conditioning Systems

When your old air conditioner gives up the ghost, you need to get a new one installed quickly. Ideally, that takes place in the off-season, when you have the time to plan for a new system. Sometimes, however, it happens at the height of summer, when time is of the essence.

Either way, our trained team is ready to go when you are and can provide quality air conditioning installation and replacement no matter what the circumstances.

We also Provide Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Churubusco, IN homes and businesses utilize a number of heating and cooling system types, but geothermal systems rank among the most exciting. By drawing on the power of the earth itself, the system provides quality heating and cooling services at a fraction of the monthly costs of other systems.

We’re the foremost geothermal heating and cooling experts in the area. If this technology sounds like a good fit for you, call us today to schedule a consultation!

Trust Us to Handle Air Duct Sealing

When a leak or a breach appears in your ducts, you need to get it sealed right away. But it’s not an operation that laymen can perform: ironically, duct tape is a terrible tool for sealing ducts. Instead, professionals use duct master, fitted pieces, and the like to ensure that the problem doesn’t repeat itself. When you have leaky ducts, call on our team to make them right. We can go over your options with you.

Churubusco, IN Commercial HVAC Systems

A commercial enterprise rarely remains unchanged. Successful businesses will grow to accommodate new customers, while old office spaces must change their particulars to welcome new occupants with different needs.

A quality commercial HVAC service like ours understands that, and can offer upgrades and other solutions to help you keep pace with an ever-changing market. Let us handle your commercial HVAC system, and let you get back to the business of doing business!

Churubusco, IN Commercial Refrigeration 

A commercial refrigeration system should never be fixed by a layman. It requires formal licensing, and without the right training and experience, you’ll often cause more damage than you fix. Instead, turn the system off, find alternative locations for the affected products, and call the trained professionals at Collier's Comfort immediately to get the issue resolved the right way!

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