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The Optimal Temperature for Your Home

When talking about the condition of your heating system this year, we need to also include the setting on your thermostat. The higher the temperature, the harder your furnace has to work and the more likely it is that you’ll need furnace service in Auburn, IN. This begs the question—what’s the optimal temperature for your home and your energy efficiency? We’ll get into the details of this question and seek to answer it for you.

The truth is that a home’s temperature is going to depend on the comfort preferences of the owner. Some people want warmer temperatures in order to feel comfortable and we’re never going to tell someone to turn the thermostat down if that’s what they like. However, we’re going to discuss ways to balance the temperature in your home so that you get the most energy efficiency and longevity from your heating system.

Consider a Mild Temperature

Many homeowners start their fall or winter off with a specific heating temperature and never really go back to the thermostat. We get it, this has been a busy season, and the last thing you need is a reason to constantly check an appliance in your home. However, paying closer attention to your thermostat throughout the year might be a good way to save on heating costs and to keep your heater in good shape.

If you’re noticing that your heater has been struggling lately, try turning the thermostat down a few degrees. Your home should still be warm enough to remain comfortable, and you might even have some fun bundling up or wearing a sweatshirt. The point is to ease the burden on your system so you get maximum efficiency.

Change the Temperature Through the Night

We feel the heat from our heating systems a lot less at night because of how we sleep. Try turning the thermostat down 5-8 degrees during the night and bundling up with some warm blankets!

Our bodies create a lot of heat, especially when we’re asleep. When you mix that with the insulating fabrics of our beds and comforters, you can easily stay warm even though the rest of your house might feel chilly. Heat during the day is meant to keep your entire home comfortable so you can move around and use the different rooms, but we just don’t do the same thing in the middle of the night. This could save a lot of money down the line!

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Did you know that a smart thermostat could be programmed to turn the heat down at night automatically? It can also measure your energy or fuel consumption and give you tips on how to better achieve efficiency. Smart thermostats represent an amazing new way to monitor your heating system, your comfort levels, and find out if there’s room to improve.

This is a great solution especially if you’ve got an ancient analog thermostat that’s more than 20 years old. A new smart or Wi-Fi thermostat will be able to give you the temperature control and furnace longevity you desire.

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