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Residential HVAC Contractors in Auburn, IN

Kind, genuinely cared about us as people. My husband has asthma and we needed our air fixed. They came out the same day I called, figured out the problem.

- Mike & Sandy, Ft. Wayne

Auburn, IN experience hot, muggy air in the summer and cold air in the winter, like most towns in our part of the Midwest. That can create a host of problems for any residential home.

A quality HVAC system - tailored to suit the needs of the space - is an ideal solution. The trained pros at Collier's Comfort handle installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services throughout the Auburn, IN area. Call on our team of HVAC contractors today: a company you’ve grown to trust!

Heating in Auburn, IN

When you have a new heating system installed in your Auburn, IN home, a shoddy service can make a huge difference (and not for the better). Low quality fittings, hasty placement and other slipshod tactics can result in lost efficiency: increasing wear and tear and elevating the chances of a breakdown.

If you’re looking for furnace repair in Auburn, IN or any other heating service, you’re in the right place!

A quality installation from Collier's Comfort, on the other hand, comes with an ironclad guarantee, ensuring that you new heater functions exactly as it’s supposed to. Call us today!

AC Repair in Auburn, IN

Summers in Auburn, IN are hot and muggy, with skyrocketing temperatures and humidity levels that often resemble a swamp. Any disruption in your air conditioning system’s ability to function can prove disastrous, and when repairs are required, you don’t want to sit around in a steamy house waiting for it to get resolved. Luckily, you can call on the friendly prost at Collier's Comfort to get the issue handled the right way. We’re ready to go when you are!

What Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

Geothermal heating and cooling is an exciting technology designed to draw upon the power of the earth itself for quality HVAC for your home. Once you dig down below 10-15 or so, the temperature of the earth never changes no matter what the weather is doing topside. The geothermal system taps into that to facilitate a heat exchange: providing warm temperatures in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer at very low monthly costs! Contact us today for geothermal heating and cooling in Auburn, IN!

Duct Testing and Sealing Services

The ducts in your home or business HVAC system are as important as the heater or air conditioner. They channel the conditioned air (either hot or cold) to your entire home. Problems such as leaks in the system can affect every part of the system.

The good news is that you have a reliable service ready to perform with duct testing and sealing services of all varieties. Contact our team today!

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