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What Should Your Next Heating Installation Be?

Some of our readers might be a little puzzled by the title of this blog. How can you start thinking about your next heating installation when you’re still so preoccupied on the one you have? When is a good time to invest in a new heating system?

These are all great questions that we’re looking to answer in this blog post. The truth is that you should always be planning ahead and taking into account your heating systems lifespan. If you’ve had it for 10 years or more, the replacement of your heater is coming soon and you might benefit from considering your options now.

So, let’s get ahead of the curve and investigate our options for heating installation in Fort Wayne, IN. We’re going to find out which heating system would best replace your old and outdated one when the time comes.

Heat Pump

Let’s first start with a heavy hitter in the HVAC industry—the heat pump. These systems used to be a little more niche ten years ago, but now they’re becoming one of the most popular heating systems in the country. Heat pumps can actually heat a home and cool it throughout the year. That means you get both an air conditioning system and a heating system all-in-one.

Heat pumps utilize refrigerant to move heat from one location to another. This is an exceptionally efficient method of heating a home and it only requires electricity. Keep this system in mind if you’re looking for a replacement.

Also, ductless heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners that don’t have ductwork in their houses. Think about this solution if you don’t want to invest in ductwork.


Furnaces are reliable heating systems that are one of the most common in America. They’re powerful, effective, and they’re also becoming increasingly efficient. Check the AFUE rating of your furnace system when you get it and you’ll be able to tell how efficient it is when compared to other heating systems. You’ll quickly see that choosing a furnace can be a great way to get great heat for your house.

Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are the iconic furnace system. They burn natural gas which is clean burning and efficient, and they produce a large amount of heat that then gets circulated through your home. In order for you to take full advantage of this system, you’ll need extensive ductwork that can funnel that warm air throughout the rooms of your home. These systems are robust and you can always count on them to keep you warm.

Electric Furnace

Not everyone can afford or utilize a gas furnace. Especially if your home is a little more off the grid and relies entirely on electricity, you might be better off with an electric furnace. Not only are these systems extremely efficient and effective at heating an entire home, but they’re also considerably more affordable than gas furnaces. When looking into prospective heating systems, make sure you don’t pass up this type of heater if you’re trying to weigh all your options.

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