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3 Tips for Commercial AC Owners

Commercial air conditioning is a practical necessity during the summertime. Even if you’ve got a small place of business, it’s important that customers, employees, and clients feel comfortable and happy while they’re there. This can only really be achieved with a commercial air conditioner that’s powerful and efficient enough to cool the entire space of your business.

Powerful and efficient are the two words you should remember today, because they’re going to be two of the three important things to consider when investing in your commercial AC in Fort Wayne, IN. Your system should beĀ powerful enough to provide cooling for the entire area of the property. But it should also be affordable enough so that you’re not looking to cut costs in other areas in order to just keep your commercial space comfortable.

Let’s talk about power, efficiency, and longevity, and what those have to do with the professional services we provide.

1. Call for Repairs If the System Won’t Cool Your Space

Here’s the first tip we’ll give commercial space owners in our area. It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but it can be a bit more complicated than it sounds. When your commercial AC system can’t properly cool the space it’s supposed to, then something is probably wrong with it and it needs to be repaired.

We wanted to emphasize this point because a lot of commercial space owners will allow a system to keep running even if a couple rooms aren’t being cooled properly. Maybe it’s the ductwork being faulty, or maybe it’s an issue with a refrigerant leak. But the problem is that your commercial AC system is sized to the specific amount of air volume in your space. If the system can’t reach that demand, then something serious is wrong with it and it needs to be repaired.

2. Compare Your Yearly Energy Bills

Bookkeeping is a necessary part of owning a business or having a commercial space. You want to know how much overhead you have, how much you should increase or decrease in your spending, and what your eventual profits might be. Comparing your energy bills can be a great bookkeeping tip that can clue you into the status of your commercial air conditioning.

For instance, if you’re noticing a 5 year trend that it’s getting consistently more expensive to cool the space in your commercial property, then you know for certain that one of two things is happening. Either electricity is getting noticeably more expensive, which is a possibility, or your system is starting to run into problems and it’s running less efficiently.

3. Invest in Commercial Maintenance Every Year

Maintenance can be a key service for commercial customers that need to save on their energy bills and repair costs down the line. It’s preventative, which means you’re not going to get the full benefits of this kind of service until years later, but it’s absolutely worth it. Consider maintenance like a permit fee you have to pay, that ensures you’ll be able to conduct business properly and keep your customers happy.

For help with your commercial AC, callĀ Collier’s Comfort. True Comfort, True Savings!

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