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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne, IN

Everyone in the Fort Wayne, IN area knows how hot and brutal our summers can get. That hits our households hard, but even harder hit are the businesses and commercial spaces in our communities. Most of us spend our days in an office or commercial space of some kind, after all, and commercial air conditioners have very specific needs that they need to meet day in and day out.

That’s why Collier's Comfort offers a full line of commercial air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services for all manner of businesses in the Fort Wayne area. We know that you need reliable air conditioning in the heat of the summer, but also that you have countless other issues to attend to in the course of doing business. Call on us to help: a company you’ve grown to trust!

Your Satisfaction with every job.

Glenn & Peggy, Ossian's Profile Image
Glenn & Peggy, Ossian

We appreciate the promptness of your services. Our water heater quit on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon our new one was installed.

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Jay Schmidt, This week

Tech was friendly & efficient

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Haley, Uniondale

Everyone is very kind and easy to work with. They always go the extra mile.

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Special Service to Meet Special Needs

Commercial cooling systems differ from residential systems in a number of ways. For starters, most commercial spaces are larger than your average home and thus the commercial air conditioner needs to cool a larger space. If the building contains multiple floors, the air conditioner needs to work differently on higher stories, since hot air tends to rise and make those stories warmer.

Sometimes, a company has more specific air conditioning needs than that. Computer systems, for instance, need to stay cool or else risk overheating, while certain kinds of product need carefully regulated temperatures to be stored correctly. We can take care of all of that the right way, ensuring that your system is set up to handle any needs your business might have!

Air Conditioning Repair Services Act Quickly

If a residential air conditioner breaks down, you can conceivably hunker down for bit until a repair service can arrive. That’s rarely the case with a commercial air conditioning repair issue. A faulty commercial cooling system can drive customers away, make it harder for employees to do their jobs (or force you to send them home in some cases) and often damage key components to your business like stored product of computer systems.

Waiting even a few hours to perform repairs can prove disastrous, which is why our commercial air conditioning repair services can respond swiftly to any problems you may be experiencing. We can respond to calls throughout the Fort Wayne area, and can work off–hours to facilitate commercial air conditioning repairs without disrupting your business. Call on our team today and let us get to the bottom of the problem quickly!

Our Maintenance Program Stops Problems Before They Start

Timely repairs to your commercial AC are important, but just as important are stopping those repair calls in the first place. That requires timely maintenance on your system, usually conducted once or twice a year by trained professionals. The technician will arrive and give the system a complete once–over, as well as attending to little issues like dirty components and loose bolts that might not merit a repair call on their own.

In addition to allowing the technician to spot any issues early and schedule a repair session at a time that is convenient to your business, it helps improve the system’s efficiency: lowering your monthly bills and extending the overall lifespan of the system!

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