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The Difference Between UV and Ionization

When it comes to air purifiers in Monroeville, IN, there are several different kinds you can invest in. Firstly, those portable units claim to purify an entire room or area of your home, but they rarely make a dent in the air quality that you can physically tell. They might make things smell nicer, but a portable air purifier doesn’t do a good job of actually sterilizing the air, at least for the energy it consumes.

When it comes to whole-house air purifiers, two types of systems tend to do the trick. They’re very different from each other and we want homeowners to be aware of how these systems work and why you might invest in one or the other.

Keep in mind that our team can point you in the right direction. If you have any questions, make sure you call us!

Ionization Air Purifiers

Ionization air purifiers have actually been around for a while, and they do work at purifying the air in your home. They use ionization to magnetically charge all of the particles in a room so that they’re easily attracted to the system for clean-up. It’s kind of like using a large magnet with a negative charge, and turning all of the contaminating particles (from dust to pet dander) into positive ions, allowing them to meet at the air purifier so they can be discarded and removed from the room.

These systems are nifty, but they don’t actually clean the air. Rather, they move the contaminants from one place to another to make it easier for you to clean it later.

UV Air Purifiers

Contrary to ionization air purifiers, UV air purifiers actually do clean the air, but only certain biological contaminants. Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other single-celled organisms pass through your ductwork where there’s a UV light that shines on them. UV light, like the waves that exist in sunlight, is extremely harmful to single-celled organisms like these. It irradiates the cells and causes them to become harmless, so even if they do come in contact with you, they won’t infect you or harm you.

UV air purifiers purify the air that goes through your air ducts by eliminating the biological contaminants that would otherwise harm you. They’re effective and they also only require a UV light bulb to be working properly.

Which Do We Recommend?

Every home is different, so we’re going to try and narrow things down a bit to make them easier for you.

Ionization air purifiers are amazing for homes with a mix of contaminants, but for homeowners who also don’t want to invest in an air filter too. These systems remove pretty much all of the particles in the air, and they’ll provide better air quality in many different measurements.

However, many people want their air to be clean and safe from contaminants like Flu or Rhinovirus cells. In this case, a UV air purifier will be a better fit. These systems are designed to safely eliminate those specific particles that might harm you and your family. Couple it with an air filter, and you can have your whole home safely treated for biological and man-made contaminants.

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