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What Does Your AC’s Compressor Do?

If you’ve recently encountered a compressor problem, then you’ve likely been searching all over the web for an explanation on this component. While that information might be easy to find, the steps you might need to take to help fix your compressor are a different story entirely. Thankfully, our team can explain to you the importance of this component and what needs to be done if it encounters a problem–all in one blog post!

Regardless of the type of problem, we recommend you call our team for air conditioning repair in Monroeville, IN. We can easily repair your air conditioner at an affordable cost to you. For now, let’s talk about what exactly this component does for your cooling system, and why it can be such a huge hiccup when this component runs into problems.

Let’s discover the importance of your AC’s compressor!

The Function of Your Compressor

Your air conditioner’s compressor has a very specific function. Without it, to give you a little bit of perspective, your air conditioner would not be able to cool the air in your home. Instead, it would just blow lukewarm air through the vents because the pressurization of refrigerant is what is so impressive about the cooling process. Your compressor does just that, it compresses the refrigerant!

At certain pressures, refrigerant will evaporate and condense. When it evaporates, it draws heat into it, cooling the air around it. Then, once the evaporated refrigerant has been cycled to the outdoor cabinet, it condenses, releasing the heat into the atmosphere. This whole process can be done in cycles, and it continuously cools the air in your home. The compressor is basically the heart of the system, pumping the refrigerant and pressurizing it correctly so that it can continue to cool your home!

Why a Compressor Can Fail

Compressors are under an immense amount of stress and require a lot of electricity to function. This is why yearly maintenance visits are so important! A technician can easily spot when the compressor is starting to falter, or when the stress is starting to buckle certain components of the compressor.

If you’re starting to notice a lower cooling capacity, expensive energy bills, strange noises, or overall dissatisfaction with your air conditioning, then you might have a problem with your compressor.

Here’s What to Do

If what we just mentioned sounded familiar, then here’s what you can do to avoid a broken-down air conditioner.

  • Turn your air conditioner off. You can’t do anything about a malfunctioning compressor while your air conditioner is on. It’s better to have it shut off so the problem doesn’t get worse while you try to get it fixed.
  • Call our team to schedule repairs or a replacement. Our team can simply evaluate the compressor and provide repairs if they’re going to do the trick. Or, if your compressor is broken down and your system is old enough, perhaps a system replacement is in order.
  • Stay cool and comfortable the best way you can. Run some box fans, make some cold drinks, and remember to stay cool and hydrated while you wait for us to help you.

For AC repairs done right, call Collier’s Comfort. True Comfort, True Savings.

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