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Stop Furnace Problems By Setting the Right Temperature

That probably sounds like a tall task, right? Who determines what the “right” temperature is in your home? This is usually where your friends or family would all give their input on how they set their thermostat, and it would lead to a never-ending conversation about the “right” temperature for the perfect home. However, there’s a little bit of truth in this scenario that we would like to explore–mainly the fact that some temperatures are more efficient than others.

The important aspect of heating and cooling in your home is matching your comfort preferences with efficiency, in order to maximize your system’s performance and avoid furnace repair in Huntington, IN. A temperature set too high would lead to a broken down, overly-stressed system. Though, if your thermostat is set too low and you’re dressing in your winter coat through the whole day, then you might not be as happy or comfortable as you would otherwise.

Match Comfort With Efficiency

When we say that the two most important things are “comfort” and “efficiency,” this is what we mean. You should be able to sit comfortably in your home while also not having to pay a huge amount of money on your monthly heating bills. If you’re finding that there’s a problem in one of those two categories, then you should call our team for help.

However, if you think that your house needs to be 78 degrees in order for it to be comfortable, then you might not be in the right climate. A furnace isn’t going to realistically be able to reach that temperature without overworking itself and breaking down.

Likewise, you might think your house is the most efficient on the block if you run your furnace at 50 degrees, but your family, friends, and pets might not be happy in your home. Comfort should matter to your family and guests, as well as to yourself.

The “Goldilocks” Zone

This leads us to a topic that we like to call the “Goldilocks” zone. While it’s normally a term used for astronomy, we can use it in the HVAC industry too! Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? She tries the porridge but doesn’t like the one that’s too hot or too cold, she only wants porridge that’s just right!

Well, make sure your home feels “just right” so that it’s not too cold that it’s uncomfortable, but it’s not too warm that your furnace is breaking down.

Stave Off Expensive Repairs

One of the hardest things we try to convey to homeowners is that a temperature set too high is going to be very hard on a furnace. Not only that, but you might not even feel much of a difference between setting your thermostat to 68 and 78. While the latter temperature might feel a tiny bit warmer, you might be paying an exorbitant fee for that slight increase in warmth that doesn’t make it worth it.

When you set the temperature too high, you’re also causing your furnace to burn more fuel and run longer cycles, which can result in a stressed-out, over-worked system. This stress will lead to components failing early, a constantly clogging air filter, and even an early breakdown that will cost you down the line.

Contact Collier’s Comfort for furnace repairs you can count on. True Comfort, True Savings.

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