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Put Your Furnace Away the Right Way

It’s been a rough few months but we think it’s time to talk about some good news. The heating season is finally over, and we’re excited to finally get outside and do some fun activities. Everyone is excited about doing something outdoors this year, and as temperatures get warmer, it will only get easier to enjoy the sun and have fun.

That being said, don’t just leave your heating system in the dust. You could still require furnace repair in Fort Wayne, IN but are enticed by the idea of not wanting to do anything about it until the next heating season rolls around. We’re here to tell you that’s a bad idea and that your furnace needs help sooner rather than later.

Let’s talk about ways to put your heater away before summer so that you minimize the problems that appear down the road.

How Your Furnace Gets Neglected

Unfortunately, as temperatures get warmer and the weather gets nicer, our furnaces become prime targets for neglect. We just don’t really want to think about our heating systems while we’re relaxing in the pool or enjoying a barbeque. That being said, your furnace is almost definitely encountering some problems from being kept on its own, and we’d like to address some of them.

Repair Needs Get Worse

We talk enough about scheduling furnace maintenance on this blog so we’re not going to touch on that. What we¬†will mention, however, is that your system needs to be repaired if it’s been suffering from any problems. Repair needs don’t go away over the summer. In fact, they often get worse since age, temperature fluctuations, and dust can exacerbate the problem. If you’ve got a heater that’s been running into problems, why not call our team for repairs¬†before you jump in the pool and forget about it? That way, you’re less likely to regret the fun you had when fall rolls around.

Dust and Debris

Our homes can be rife with dust, especially in the basement, crawlspaces, and other areas we keep our heating systems. The more you leave your furnace indoors while you go outdoors to enjoy the weather, the more dust is going to settle on the system. Likewise, dirt, debris, and other contaminants could find their way into the system and cause the air filter to clog up. Change out your air filter and keep the area around your heater clean of these contaminants.


This is an interesting one. Furnaces that are left alone for a whole summer can sometimes seem like tables or the perfect place to put that box of storage supplies that needs a new home. We’d like to keep you away from this idea, for the purpose of keeping ventilation open and allowing your heater access to proper airflow. The more we keep storage boxes and other supplies near the furnace, the less likely we are to move them when the heating system starts. This means you’ll encounter some pretty serious problems like an overheating furnace.

Call Collier’s Comfort for the furnace repairs you need. True Comfort, True Savings.

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