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Cut Down on High Heater Bills this Winter

high-heating-billsWinters in our neck of the woods are very cold, and we’re only now just starting to get a taste of it. Your heating system has likely been running regularly for some time now, and daily use will soon be an absolute necessity. The bad news is that it means your heating bills will almost certainly go up, since you’ll be using the system much more than you would in the summer. But just because you’re paying a higher bill doesn’t mean you should pay more than you should, and the good news is that there are3 a number of ways to cut down on high heater bills this winter.

Things You Can Do Yourself

There are a number of steps you can take to cut down on the use of your heater that don’t require any outside help. Indeed, you may already be practicing some of these methods yourself. They can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Lower the thermostat. Setting the thermostat a few degrees cooler than you might can save a great deal.
  • Seal cracks under doors and windows. Warm air can escape from under the cracks in your doors. Weather stripping – purchased at any local hardware store – can prevent that.
  • Dress warmly inside, by wearing sweaters and similar cozy clothes indoors.

Professionals Can Add Timely Upgrades

If you’d like to take more intensive steps to cutting your heating bill down, a trained technician can help. Possible options for doing so can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintenance: A maintenance session resembles a tune-up on your car. It gives the technician a chance to look over your system and spot any problem that may be present. If the issue can be corrected immediately, the technician will do so. If a formal repair service is required, you can set it up once the maintenance session is complete. Either way, it helps improve the system’s efficiency and cut down on unnecessary heating costs.
  • Zone Controls. Zone controls are an expensive upgrade, but they can pay dividends for many years to come. They divide your ductwork into sections, and allow you to control the heat in each section independently of the rest of the home. That lets you lower the temperature in rooms you aren’t using while still running the heat in occupied parts of the home. You stay comfortable and the heater doesn’t have to work nearly so hard in order to do its job.
  • Thermostats. Thermostats are designed to last a long time and if yours is more than a decade old, you should be commended for getting great value out of it. It does mean that an upgrade to a more contemporary model can save you a great deal, however. Smart thermostats shave precious dollars off of your costs by making little adjustments to match your heating habits, as well as changing the settings to match changes in the weather.

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