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Common and Uncommon Furnace Issues

What makes a problem common? Well, if you search online or throughout your local community for the most frequent furnace problems that come up, you’ll likely come into contact with the common ones.

These are problems that are due to a component that usually fails, or a part of the system that can easily be neglected.

In comparison, an uncommon furnace problem is one that is due to extraordinary circumstances or some kind of situation that is not frequently found with a furnace. These problems, while they’re still issues and should be resolved, can be harder to diagnose because they take more expertise.

An uncommon problem can be lurking in the shadows, while a common one is more obvious. But both uncommon and common furnace problems in Huntington, IN are the territory of licensed HVAC professionals, as we’ll get to in a moment.

Just remember to keep our team on speed dial if you think you’re dealing with any of these.

A Common Furnace Problem

As we begin to get into the difference between “common” and “uncommon” problems, we need to discuss some definitions, as well as examples. Here’s just a brief definition of what might constitute a common furnace problem.

A common furnace problem is an issue that arises for obvious reasons and is simply easier to diagnose due to its frequency in appearance. More homeowners will have encountered this kind of problem, which is what makes it more obvious and labeled as “common.” Here are a few examples of common issues:

  • A clogged air filter. The air filter can easily fall into neglect if it’s not replaced frequently. This is a common source of problems in furnaces.
  • A dirty burner. Burners need to be cleaned and maintained. Over time, they can lead to some obvious problems when they get dirty.
  • A blower motor issue. The blower fan has a lot of moving parts and can easily run into issues over the lifespan of the system.

Uncommon Furnace Issues

Now, let’s figure out what might be a less-common, or uncommon furnace issue. Keep in mind that uncommon problems aren’t better or worse, but they’re just less likely to happen and are harder to spot than common issues.

An uncommon furnace problem is basically one that will be hard to identify without technical skill and training. Basically, this includes problems that have less obvious symptoms to detect. Here are a few examples:

  • A furnace leaking water. Water vapor is one of the byproducts that can come from the combustion of natural gas. So, sometimes that water vapor will condense and turn back into liquid form to leak out of your furnace.
  • A carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that comes from the combustion of natural gas. Without the help of detectors and a licensed professional, it can be nearly impossible to detect this kind of leak, which will have adverse health effects to the point of potential fatality.
  • A frozen furnace. Yes, sometimes your basement can get too cold for your furnace to run, but it’s exceptionally rare.

Make sure that you get your furnace checked no matter if the problem is common or uncommon. Only a pro can figure that out!

Contact Collier’s Comfort to get started with furnace repairs. True Comfort, True Savings!

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