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3 Options for Your Ductwork Issues

There’s been something wrong with your home heating and you’d really like to get to the bottom of it.

You call a professional to have a look and through an expert diagnosis, you find out that it’s not your heating system that’s in bad shape, but your air ducts. Or, you could be in one of those situations where both your heating system and your air ducts are in bad shape.

This never feels good, especially because the air ducts in your home are not a component that feels like it should cost a lot of money to fix, but it can. But in reality, those air ducts are a vital component of your heating system, unless you invest in a system that doesn’t use ductwork in Fort Wayne, IN.

Yep, those kinds of systems exist and they might be perfect for your home. Keep reading to learn about your ductwork options.

Get Your Air Ducts Sealed

First of all, air ducts can be in rough shape due to the fact that they’re leaking the air that your furnace or heat pump is working so hard to produce.

This isn’t a problem with the structural integrity of your air ducts, but rather with the fact that it’s got tears, holes, leaks, gaps, and other areas where the air is leaking out. This is not good, and sealing the ducts can be an obvious replacement.

Don’t try to do this yourself. Many homeowners turn to duct tape to seal their ducts, but this tape is inaccurately named and doesn’t provide the airtight seal that people think it does.

There are special spray sealants that professionals use that can expand and create airtight seals throughout your air ducts, but they’re materials that should only be handled by a certified expert.

Air Duct Repair or Replacement

What happens when one or more areas of your air ducts are falling apart? We mean that no amount of sealing them would do the trick–they have to be fixed or replaced in order to provide your home with comfortable temperatures.

This can be tricky, because duct repairs and replacements can be expensive depending on how extensive they are. Think about the age and efficiency of your heating system when you’re doing this.

If your heater is old and outdated, then repairing your ductwork is just going to be one cost in a series of expensive heating needs like replacing your heating system soon. We’d recommend going ductless. However, if your heating system is new and in good shape, then you can just safely invest in the ducts for now.

Go Ductless!

Yes, there are specific heat pumps that can work without air ducts. They’re called ductless systems, or ductless mini splits, and they work via air handlers that are mounted on your wall, floor, or ceiling.

A ductless system is also a heat pump, so it can provide air conditioning during the spring, summer, and fall as well. The important thing is that you make this choice for yourself and your family when you’re ready.

It’s time to contact Collier’s Comfort for help with your air ducts. True Comfort, True Savings.

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