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4 Ways a Heater Tells You It Needs Repairs

gas-jetsYou spent good money on your home heating system. You hired professionals to install it. And you’re smart enough to have enrolled in our HomeSaver’s Club, too. So your heater should be pretty much invincible, right?

Unfortunately, no.

Don’t get us wrong. Investing in a good system, having it professionally installed, and enrolling in a good maintenance plan will ensure you get the most reliable performance possible from your heater. However, never needing heating repairs in Fort Wayne, IN, simply is not possible. Even the best heaters serviced by the best technicians run into trouble here and there.

And that’s why we want to share some common warning signs with you today. Prompt repairs are always in your best interest.

1. Energy Efficiency Drops

The first sign of trouble that a lot of homeowners are going to notice is a drop in overall energy efficiency. And that’s not surprising, considering the simple fact that folks don’t really want to overpay for their comfort. If you notice that your heating bills are a lot higher than normal, but you’re not really using your heating system any differently than you usually do, then there definitely may be a problem in need of repairs.

2. The System Shuts Down too Soon

Some problems are easier to ignore than others. Some are also easier to miss. You may not realize that your heater is running in shorter bursts than is normal, but it’s actually a pretty serious problem. The cause of the problem may not be all that serious—though it could be—but the results are.

Short cycling drives up costs. It wastes energy. It results in reduced comfort and can eventually damage a heater. Why does it happen? A lot of reasons. First, rule out a very dirty air filter that may be causing the system to overheat. If that’s not the case, you need a professional  to assess what’s going on. It could be anything from a faulty thermostat to a failing thermocouple or a fuel delivery problem.

3. Strange Sounds Haunt the House

We’re not talking a Halloween playlist, here. No, we’re talking something much scarier.

Those sounds that indicate a heating system repair need!

What kinds of sounds? Well, most heaters make some noise when they’re operating, even if it’s just the sound of a boiler coming on or a furnace pushing air. But look out, er, listen up, for:

  • Screeching sounds
  • Clanging/Banging sounds
  • Grinding sounds
  • Hissing sounds

4. Temperatures Are Uneven

Like we said, some problems are more obvious than others. If you’ve always had cool spots in your home, it may just be a bad system design (though not if we installed it!). However, if this is a new development, you’ll probably notice it right away and it means something is off.

You may have leaky ductwork. You may not be generating enough heat to reach those further off spaces. Whatever the case, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

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