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Why Are My Heating Bills Higher Than Normal?

money-chimneyYou looked at the first month of your bills since your heating system turned on for the season—and you did not like what you saw. At all. You expect to see utility bills rise after the lull of the fall season between peak AC and peak heater use, but this rise is larger. What’s going on?

There are plenty of possibilities for why you’ve got the high heating cost blues, but be glad you noticed it early in the winter so you can help turn it around. In this post, we’re going to look at some reasons you have more expensive heating bills (aside from an increase in energy pieces) and what can be done about it.

You didn’t have the heating system maintained in fall

We know it was a hectic fall season for many, and maybe a few important chores fell to the side. So if you didn’t remember to have regular maintenance for your heating system at this time, we understand. But those high heating bills are probably because of this oversight. Even a single year without heating maintenance can create a noticeable difference in the cost to keep a house warm. Join our HomeSaver’s club and we’ll schedule this crucial service for you.

The heater has a repair problem

You might assume that when the heating system is malfunctioning, it will begin to lose its heating capacity. But this isn’t always true: a heater may have a fault that isn’t lowering how much heat it puts out (at least, not yet) but makes the system work harder to reach its heating goal. A rise in bills is a flashing red warning sign that you need to schedule heating repair in Fort Wayne, IN before you have more than rising bills—you have a broken heater.

The thermostat is not working correctly

The trouble might be in the climate controls, not the heater itself. A thermostat can become miscalibrated so that it keeps the heater running for longer than it should. You’ll set the thermostat to one level, but the thermostat mistakenly reads the house as colder and doesn’t turn off the heater at the right time. If you’ve noticed the house is stuffy and hotter than normal, the thermostat may be at fault for both that and the high heating costs.

The air filter is clogged

You may have left a clogged filter in the HVAC system, in which case it will block airflow and cause the heater to drain power. Put in a clean filter if this is the case, and remember to change the filter every one to three months for the rest of the season.

The heater is ready to retire

Finally, you may have a heating system that is too old to effectively do its job anymore. If you have a furnace or heat pump that’s more than 15 years old and is driving up your utility bills, it’s probably time to resign it to the recycling yard and welcome in a replacement. We’re here to help you with a great, fast replacement service.

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