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3 Reasons You Should Never Skip Duct Testing

If indoor air quality is important to you, duct services should be too. If you’ve never had your ductwork tested, now is a great time to do so. Testing your ductwork is important because you can identify where cool air is escaping and dust and dirt may be getting into your system and blowing through your home.

Our team is here to help with duct testing in Fort Wayne, IN. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits and process of testing your ductwork and what the next steps are after the testing process is complete.

Indoor Air Quality 

When your ductwork has holes, cool air escapes before ever reaching your home. This could mean that your air conditioner works harder to produce the same results. But that isn’t the only problem, because as cool air escapes, dust and dirt are entering your air ducts. Then when clean cold air passes by, this dust mixes in and blows into your home. 

The whole goal of duct testing is to identify these holes so that our team can seal them and prevent dust and dirt from getting in. The less dust and dirt in your air, the healthier your family will be. After completing duct testing, our team can also clean out the inside of your ductwork before sealing it. Duct cleaning is a great way to eliminate the existing dust and dirt so you have a fresh start when your ducts are resealed. We can even sanitize them if they’re particularly dirty.

Energy Savings

Duct services are also an investment in the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. Losing just 20% of the cool air. Your AC produces can increase your energy bills by as much as 50%. Sure, duct services like testing and sealing, do cost money.

But instead of an expense, you should look at them as an investment in your air conditioner and home. In fact, the return on this investment can be impressive since you stand to save more on energy costs than you spend on the duct services themselves.

Longevity of Your AC

And duct services are not just about your indoor air quality. When the air is escaping through the ductwork and your air conditioner works harder to cool your home, it takes on more wear and tear. This can increase the likelihood of AC repairs and shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan. 

But, when your ducts are sealed and working as they should, more cool air reaches the walls of your home instead of escaping. The more effectively that your air conditioner can cool your home, the less energy it needs to use, and the less wear and tear it experiences. 

True Comfort, True Savings. The team at Colliers Comfort is here to serve you. Schedule an appointment today for duct services.

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