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Time for Maintenance on Your Heater


Summer is slowly coming to an end. Labor Day is upon us, and kids will soon be going back to school if they aren’t there already. Soon enough, autumn will be here, and with it comes cooler temperatures and an increased need for a good heating system in your home. The worst thing during a chilly fall night is to turn the heater on and encounter a serious problem.

Unfortunately, that’s a very common occurrence in the Fort Wayne area in the autumn. On the other hand, there’s a very easy way to prevent that from occurring: a maintenance session on your heater from a friendly professional company.

What Is It?

A maintenance session is a bit like a tune-up on your car: a chance for the technician to look the system over completely and check for signs that anything is wrong. The burners will be tested to make sure they’re working, for instance, and individual components will be dusted and cleaned in order to perform more efficiently. That includes little “mini-repairs” for things that might not merit a repair call in and of themselves, like loose bolts and clogged filters. If further repairs are needed, there are usually telltale signs informing the technician of that fact, and you can then schedule a timely repair session to get the issue resolved.

What Are Its Benefits?

Maintenance sessions convey a number of benefits on your heater, which you should carefully weigh against the costs.

  • Improved Efficiency. Taking care of all of those little problems helps your heating system do its job without expending quite so much energy. That means you won’t have to pay quite so much in monthly costs as you might otherwise: no small consideration with our winters as cold as they are.
  • Reduced Wear. Alongside the improved efficiency comes a reduction in wear and tear for the heater’s key components. That means they run less risk of a sudden breakdown, and will give you better value for the money.
  • An Early Jump on Repairs. In the event more serious repairs are required, a maintenance session lets you get a jump on it before the damage has spread. That usually means a much lower cost for the repair, as well as allowing you to schedule the session at your conveniences (as opposed to having to scramble in the wake of an unexpected breakdown).
  • A Chance to Clean Up after Summer. Summers are long and problems may develop with your heater while it sits unused. It can be as simple as excessive dust, but it can quickly lead to an issue where none existed before. Maintenance sessions put a stop to those problems before they interrupt your chilly nights, and ensure that months of non-use don’t harm your heater.
  • Extended Life. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions can extend the overall lifespan of your heater by months or even years in some cases: providing maximum value for your money.

For quality maintenance sessions in the Fort Wayne, IN area, call on Collier’s Comfort today to make an appointment!

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