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How Leaky Ductwork Affects Your Furnace

ductsWe’re definitely heading into the warmer time of the year—though not soon enough for everyone’s liking! With spring and eventually summer on the horizon, a lot of homeowners are probably starting to pay a little less attention to their heaters. What if we were to tell you, though, that there is a particular set of problems that can negatively affect both your furnace and your central air conditioner? Because there is, and that set of problems relates to your ductwork.

So while your need for furnace services in Fort Wayne, IN, may be limited at this point, keep in mind that your AC service needs haven’t even started to ramp up yet! And if you have any ductwork service needs, like duct testing, sealing, or new installation, remember that that’s a year-round concern. So read on, keep in mind how ductwork problems can affect your furnace and/or central AC, and remember to schedule your air duct services with the trained professionals on our team.

Duct Leaks Waste Energy All Year Long

When you use a forced-air heating or air conditioning system, like a furnace or a central AC, you are relying on air ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout your house. And if you are relying on air ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout your house, then you definitely want to make sure that you are keeping that conditioned air where it belongs—in the ducts—until it reaches the terminal point. And if your ducts are leaking, you’re simply not doing that.

Now, it’s not as though the conditioned air in these ducts is just disappearing into thin, well, air when it leaks out of your ducts. However, the reality of the situation is not really all that much better. If you’re leaking heated or cooled air into uninsulated or unoccupied areas in your home, like between walls where ductwork passes through, then you are not actually heating or cooling your living space. And that means that your system has to replace that heated/cooled air, and that means you’re paying more than you have to for your comfort. And probably with a reduced result!

What You Can Do About It

If you are installing brand new ductwork, you need to remember that every house and every system is unique. There is no off-the-shelf solution here, and designing a successful air duct system for your home is not something that you can do yourself or that you can entrust to a novice. If you’re serious about heating and cooling your home effectively and efficiently throughout the years, you need a system that is designed and installed right, right from the start, and that is kept in great working condition by professionals that you can trust.

Duct testing is necessary to pinpoint the source of any air leaks in your system, and using the right mastics and other materials to seal up your ducts—not duct tape!—is a must! Don’t worry. We always do the job the right way!

Schedule your ductwork, furnace, and AC services with Collier’s Comfort. True Comfort, True Savings.

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