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Does Your Furnace Need Repairs?

The answer to that question depends on the unique situation your furnace is in. The truth is that many homeowners don’t recognize the signs of a failing furnace very easily, and we often don’t get the call to come and provide furnace repair in New Haven, IN until it’s too late and the system has broken down. Let’s avoid that bad situation by trying to get ahead of any problems your furnace might be experiencing.

What’s the real question we’re asking here? How can you tell that your furnace needs repairs? This is a better question and one that gets to the heart of what we’re trying to say.

From noises to odors, to even strange things occurring in your thermostat, there are a number of different ways you as a homeowner could identify furnace troubles. Then, when you think there’s something wrong, you can call us for help!

Foul Odors Signify a Big Problem

If you’re smelling strange odors coming from your furnace, that’s the first big red flag you should pay attention to. Foul odors could signify not only a problem with the furnace (overheating can sometimes lead to a burnt rubber smell or other foul odors), but it can also be your furnace’s way of telling you that there’s a safety concern you should be aware of. Remember, gas furnaces operate via the combustion of natural gas. This gas is mixed with a chemical called mercaptan which gives it a “rotten eggs” smell so you can notice easily when a gas leak is occurring.

Don’t ignore any foul odors. Always call for professional help when you smell gas, smoke, a burning scent, or anything else.

Strange or Uncomfortable Noises

Noises are another obvious way that your furnace is signaling to you that there’s something wrong. Buzzing can be a sign that there’s an electrical malfunction happening in the system. Similarly, if the system is rattling, then there might be a loose screw or some small component that’s gotten loose and needs to be fixed. Either way, call our team for fast support.

Wrong Thermostat Readings

When you feel uncomfortable and you go to check your thermostat, do you get confused? Sometimes this confusion can come from seeing a number on the thermostat that’s much different from how it feels. This can be a big red flag and a signal that you need professional furnace repairs. Your thermostat is supposed to signal to your heating system when to start and stop so it meets the temperature reading on the thermostat. If it doesn’t, then something is very clearly wrong!

High Utility Bills

Furnaces are supposed to run as efficiently as possible. When you see a spike in your heating bills, or you’re noticing that the system just drains too much from your monthly budget, then there might be something wrong. Compare your monthly bills to the bills you were paying around the same time last year or the year before that. You can usually find these bills online if you lost the paper ones. If you’re seeing a trend, then you might need repairs or a new heating system replacement!

Contact Collier’s Comfort for help with your furnace. True Comfort, True Savings.

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