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8 Gas Furnaces Issues You Can’t Ignore

old-furnaceThe last thing anyone wants to deal with in their busy lives is an issue with their furnace. After all, you want to associate your furnace with warm air and comfort, not problems and hazards. Even so, the reality is that they can develop issues from time to time. Here are 8 big ones that can warrant emergency repairs.

1. A Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is what helps turn combusted fuel into hot air fit for warming up your home. However, this component will bend and contract over time, simply as a result of constantly changing temperature, and that can eventually lead to cracks. Cracks allow carbon monoxide to escape, potentially flooding back into your home and becoming deadly.

2. Overheating

It’s no surprise that it can get very hot inside of a furnace. With this in mind, furnaces are installed with a limit switch—a device that cuts off fuel when the chamber gets too hot. If the limit switch malfunctions, it will respond to overheating by turning off the furnace entirely.

3. Booming

Does it sound like a miniature explosion is going off inside your furnace? That’s not part of a normal function. This occurs when there’s a delay in igniting the gas. The problem can get dangerous over time, so call in for repairs immediately.

4. Rattling

This could be as simple as a loose screw or panel. If that’s the case, all you’d need to do is screw it back in. (Note: Always turn off power to the furnace before attempting any kind of fix! Better yet, depend on an expert for any of your furnace repair needs in Fort Wayne).

However, that’s a best-case scenario. Rattling can also be heard from a cracked heat exchanger. Turn off the unit immediately and call in for assistance.

5. Short Cycling

Your furnace normally cools the home with long heating cycles. If those cycles are suddenly shorter and more rapid, it means something is causing your unit to short cycle. There are many potential causes for short cycling, one which might be a dirty air filter. Change the air filter and see if the problem is fixed. If not, it’s time to call in an expert.

6. The Smell of Gas

If you smell the distinct odor of gas in your home (similar to that of rotten eggs), don’t chalk it up to nothing. Evacuate the home and call up an emergency hotline right away. They’ll be able to inform you on how to proceed.

7. Electrical Issues

When your furnace turns on, there shouldn’t be much else going on except for the hum of the furnace and the whooshing of warm air through the vents. If your experience flickering lights, buzzing, humming, or breakers tripping, then it means there’s an electrical issue involved. These issues won’t resolve themselves, so do call up a professional. Please do not attempt any repairs or fixes, as electrical problems can be deadly.

8. Leaking Water

It may sound strange that your furnace could be leaking water, but water in the form of condensation is a natural byproduct of a high-efficiency furnace. However, that condensation is supposed to go into a condensate pan and down a drain. Leaking water could mean the condensate line is clogged, and that can lead to serious issues if it’s not cleared.

Experiencing a problem that isn’t on this list? Contact Collier’s Comfort today to get an opinion from one of our experts. True Comfort, True Savings.

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