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3 Common Sounds of a Malfunctioning Furnace

Gas furnaces are the most common heating system in the country. They’re effective, affordable, and most of them are also incredibly efficient. They’re an all-around good system to have, especially in a place like Indiana where we can have cold winters that require powerful heating. However, they’re not perfect, and they run into unique problems that other electric heating systems don’t see.

This blog post is going to be about 3 unique noises that a malfunctioning furnace might make. If you think that any of these noises sound familiar, then you’re going to want to call our team for furnace repairs in Fort Wayne, IN so that we can get your system fixed and set up for success.

Whatever you do, please don’t neglect the sounds of your furnace. Even if the noises you’re hearing aren’t on the following list, they still require professional attention.

Three Noises and Their Sources

What’s the point of finding out the sources of these sounds? Well, if you’re in a hurry or you’re just worried, it’s true that you can call a professional to have them diagnose and repair the problem without much involvement from you. But many customers want to know what’s wrong with their furnace system, and they’ll go out of their way to research the problem first before calling for a pro. Regardless of what kind of customer you are, it’s better that we tell you about where these noises come from so you can use this information to get your system fixed!

Constant Clicking

It’s totally normal for a heating system to click when it turns on or off. This is the capacitor, which is an electrical component responsible for signaling the furnace to start or stop. All it needs is to send one small pulse of electrical energy, which can be heard as just a click, and the system will either start up to heat your home, or shut down.

When a furnace starts clicking constantly, this means that there’s an electrical malfunction or that the capacitor is broken. This type of problem usually isn’t too expensive to have fixed, but it doesn’t need to be addressed by a professional.

Rattling, Clanging, or Grinding

Rattling and clanging noises can sometimes sound similar. These are usually the sound of a broken or loose component that’s bouncing around inside of your furnace system. While it might not sound like that big of a deal, they can definitely cause problems down the line by bumping into sensitive components that lead to a breakdown or a major malfunction.

These noises, combined with grinding, can also be the sound of the furnace’s blower fan hitting it’s housing if it’s become misaligned for any reason.


Booming is a sound attributed to dirty burners in a gas furnace. As the burners get covered in soot or grime, they will have trouble quickly igniting the gas in the chamber, causing a miniature explosion (or “boom”) to take place inside the system. This can lead to safety concerns, since some important components can crack or break, leading to gas and carbon monoxide leaks in the future.

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