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These 4 Sounds Mean Your AC is in Trouble

Your air conditioner can make a variety of sounds as a part of normal operation. But there are other sounds that are a cause for concern. In fact, if you hear any of the four sounds below, it’s time to call for AC repair in Fort Wayne, IN

You can keep reading to learn about warning signs that can indicate trouble is brewing inside of your air conditioner. If you hear any of these sounds, turn your air conditioner off right away and give us a call.

Leaving your air conditioner running if there is a major problem can lead to more extensive damage or even a complete system breakdown. 

Bubbling, Gurgling, or Hissing

Technically, we are wrapping three sounds up into one here. But that’s because these three sounds can all point to the same problem, and that’s a refrigerant leak. As your air conditioner transitions through cooling cycles, the refrigerant transitions between being in a gas or liquid form. If there is a hole in the refrigerant line, that’s a major problem.

A refrigerant leak can cause a lot of damage to your air conditioner, as well as posing health risks for your family. While exposure to a refrigerant leak is not fatal, you do risk getting sick from breathing in refrigerant. If there is a leak in the refrigerant line where the refrigerant is a gas, you will hear a hissing sound.

If there is a leak in the refrigerant line where the refrigerant is a liquid, you may hear bubbling or gurgling. Hearing any of these sounds means that you need to give our team a call right away for a refrigerant line repair. 


When the components inside of your air conditioner work together to cool air for your home, the process is fairly quiet. If you begin to hear a grinding sound, that usually means that lubrication between a series of components has dried up.

The grinding may even make a metal on metal sound. The good news is, if this problem gets caught early, it is an easy fix. Our team can usually wipe down the affected components to remove dirt and grime, and then relubricate them for optimal operation.


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell apart a whistling or hissing sound. But whistling is typically more high-pitched. If you do hear a whistling sound, there is a good chance that you have an air leak somewhere inside of your AC. Conditioned air is escaping before it ever reaches the walls of your home.

This is a common problem inside of your AC ductwork, although you may also hear a rattling sound if that is where the air leak originates. Our team can troubleshoot and make a repair no matter where the leak is occurring.

Knocking or Rattling

If you hear any parts rattling or banging around, that means that something inside of your air conditioner is loose. The louder the knocking, the larger the part that’s loose. A rattling sound may indicate that a smaller or lighter object is loose, like a bolt or a fan blade.

Either way, you definitely want to get these parts tightened up or secured again. If they break free completely, they can do a lot of damage to other components inside of your air conditioner. 

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