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It’s Time for AC Maintenance!

So, springtime has come and almost gone, but you’re planting the last few sprouts of your garden as you complete your final springtime activities. While most homeowners wouldn’t consider “air conditioning maintenance” a springtime activity, we’d beg to differ! The truth is that right now our HVAC systems aren’t being taxed nearly as heavily as they would be during the summer or winter. Not only that, but technicians at companies like ours have less on their busy schedules, which means it’s the perfect time to schedule service.

Maintenance isn’t a service that’s optional. It’s important to schedule a service like AC maintenance in Fort Wayne, IN because of the sheer amount of benefits it provides. If you’re a homeowner in the area and you’re looking for long term opportunities for savings and increased efficiency, then call our team today!

The Benefits of Springtime Maintenance

Maintenance is essential if you want your air conditioner to function properly. So, it probably makes sense now why we want homeowners to have this service performed in the springtime. Your system will be hard at work for the next few summer months, and any responsible homeowners will want their AC in tip-top shape to relieve stress and keep the home comfortable. Going into summer blind, without maintenance, is just begging for a breakdown to occur. If it’s piqued anyone’s interest, here are the benefits that come with maintenance.

  • Longevity. Air conditioners that undergo routine maintenance every year are proven to last longer than those that don’t. It’s just a fact. Maintenance services can keep repairs to a minimum and allow the system to perform at peak efficiency for the longest period of time.
  • Increased Efficiency. Efficiency isn’t just replacing your air filter every few months and calling it a day. Maintenance services involve a professional coming in to lubricate ball bearings, adjust components, and perform minor fixes that ultimately increase efficiency. Studies show that air conditioners lose 5% of their efficiency every year they don’t get the routine maintenance they need. Those numbers add up, and you’re better off avoiding that degradation.
  • Less Repair Needs. Repairs are frustrating, which is why we do everything in our power to lower the amount of them that occur. With a neglected system, repair needs will pop up seemingly at random. For homeowners that don’t like rolling the dice, maintenance can help avoid repairs in the future since we perform minor fixes and adjustments while we inspect the system. This leads to an overall decrease in repairs.
  • Peace of Mind. Now, hear us out. It just feels so much better to have your air conditioner constantly looked at by a professional. For the same reason car owners take their cars to be maintained by their trusty mechanic, anyone who cares even a little about their home comfort system feels better knowing that the pros have checked the system out and have given you the go-ahead.

Curb costs and feel better going into this summer after signing up for quality AC maintenance.

Call the experts at Collier’s Comfort. True comfort, true savings.

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