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Important Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

ac-repair-outdoor-unitIt always seems to happen on the hottest days of the year. When you need your air conditioner the most, it runs into some difficulty.

Luckily there are a number of easy maintenance tasks you can manage on your own including regular filter changes. However, there are some cases where simple maintenance won’t do the trick. That’s when you need to call the experts.

So, how do you know when you’re facing an issue you can resolve yourself or if you need to call the experts? Here are some signs to watch for.

Good Air Flow, No Cool Air

When the airflow from your vents completely stops you know there is a problem immediately. However, when the air is still flowing well but it’s warm or room temperature, it may be longer before you notice an issue.

One of the most common reasons this may occur is because your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. This is not something you should attempt yourself as refrigerant requires professional disposal and recharging.

In fact, trying to replace refrigerant yourself could result in additional damage and an even more expensive repair call in the future.

Bad Smell Coming From Vents

A nasty smell in your home could be the result of a variety of factors. If you notice the smell is coming from your vents then this could indicate an emergency situation affecting your family’s health and safety.

A strong, pungent odor could indicate burned out electrical wiring in your air conditioner while a musty smell could be a sign of mold in your air conditioner unit or ductwork.

In either case, you should turn off your air conditioner unit and call for service immediately. Burned out wiring could result in a fire while mold poses health risks to you and your family.

Loud Noises Coming From Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are designed by expert engineers to run efficiently and quietly. The gentle hum of an air conditioner on a hot day is all you should hear coming from your A/C unit.

If you notice grinding or squeaking noises coming from your air conditioner then it may mean a part needs to be replaced or debris has become trapped in an area where it doesn’t belong. Shutting down your air conditioning unit until a professional has a chance to inspect it could help prevent further damage or wear.

Don’t Sweat It, Call the Experts

A non-working air conditioner can quite literally make you sweat. It’s important to watch for signs that your air conditioner needs repair and then to call the experts for service before the problem gets worse.

At Collier’s Comfort Services we have seen and diagnosed countless air conditioning issues from big to small. When you pick up the phone to call us you can trust you will be connected with an expert who takes the comfort and health of your family as seriously as you do.

Don’t let your air conditioner keep you awake at night. Contact Collier’s Comfort today for AC repair in Fort Wayne!

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