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Signs Your Heating System Needs Replacing

Monday, November 20th, 2017

heating-system-replacementWith the weather getting colder every day, you’re going to need the heater in your home to run like clockwork every day. A breakdown¬†in the middle of the winter can be far more than a nuisance: it can pose an active health risk. And if your heating system is older, then you need to consider very carefully whether it can handle another freezing Indiana winter effectively. If it can’t, then now is the time to get it replaced, while the weather is still comparatively warm and you have time to schedule a replacement session at your leisure.

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In the Market for a New Heater? Consider These Alternatives

Monday, November 6th, 2017

alternative-heating-systemsIf your home needs a new heating system. now is the ideal time to discuss your installation options. Winter is not yet here, and while temperatures are falling steadily, you still have a few weeks to plan for the replacement and get your new heating system ready to go by the time the weather really takes a turn. Most homes in the area rely on either forced-air furnaces or traditional boilers to keep warm in the winter.

Both models are inexpensive and reliable, and if they have worked well for your home, there’s no reason to change. But they’re not the only types of heating system out there, and if your home struggles with a forced-air furnace or boiler, you might consider one of the following alternative types of heater to install instead.

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