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How Using Radiant Heat Can Benefit You

radiant-heatingWhen the coldest time of the year is upon you, you shouldn’t find yourself dealing with discomfort in your home. You also shouldn’t find yourself dreading the use of your heater because you know it’s going to come at an excessively high cost. This is exactly the type of reason why you should consider the use of radiant heating in your home. Just remember that you need to work with a pro for all things related to HVAC in Fort Wayne, IN.

When it comes to a radiant heating installation (not to mention radiant heating repairs or maintenance), we’re the professionals that you can count on to do the job right. Our team will help you to decide if radiant heating is right for your home, and we’ll make sure that your system is integrated into your home successfully every step of the way. Work with us to reap all of the many benefits that radiant heating has to offer.

Radiant Heating Offers Great Comfort

There is nothing wrong with a forced air heating system, such as a furnace or a heat pump. However, it is really difficult to beat the level of comfort that a radiant heating system has to offer. This is largely thanks to the method by which radiant heating systems distribute heat throughout homes.

Where forced air heaters heat air directly and then distribute that air throughout the house via air ducts, radiant heating systems radiate heat out in order to warm objects and bodies in the house directly. The preferred radiant heating set-up of many is the in-floor, hydronic heating system. Basically, tubes are installed beneath the floors in the home, and water heated by a boiler is then distributed throughout those tubes. This helps to keep heat down low where you need it, too!

Radiant Heating Offers Great Efficiency

Forced air heating systems can fall victim to problems such as leaky air ducts, and the heated air they distribute is going to rise up to the ceiling. Radiant heating doesn’t have any ducts to leak, though, and the effects of radiant heating heat objects directly—like when you feel the heat coming off of a hot stove.

That helps to boost the efficiency with which you heat your home. Less heat lost to unnecessary areas of the home through leaks means more heat being put to good use! This helps to keep heating bills in check without reducing comfort.

Radiant Heating Offers Great Reliability

A radiant heating system has fewer moving parts than its forced air counterparts. Why mention this? Because fewer moving parts means fewer moving parts to break down!

That means that you will likely be facing fewer repairs with a radiant heating system than with a furnace or a heat pump. Plus, radiant heating systems last longer than furnaces or heat pumps, too! If you’re looking for a great return on your initial investment, it’s tough to beat the returns that you’ll get from a radiant heating system.

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