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You Can’t Ignore These 5 AC Problems!

AC-techniciansOkay, we suppose that you could ignore them. But why would you? Air conditioning problems are not going to go away on their own. In fact, they are only going to get worse. We assume that you value your comfort. And we assume that we value your money. Ignoring any of these 5 problems is going to cost you both. Maybe not all at once, but eventually. The good news is that you’re reading this now.

When you need air conditioning repairs in Fort Wayne, IN, we are the pros to call. We get out to homes fast. We fix problems fast. But we never choose “fast” over “right.” Don’t compromise your comfort, and don’t compromise on service quality. Let us know the moment that you notice any of these problems in your home. There is no reason to wait when our team is standing by. Get your comfort back on track ASAP!

1. Ice on the System

If you use a heat pump to cool your home, then you might see ice develop on it from time to time. It shouldn’t be a huge issue, though. In fact, it’s expected. That’s why heat pumps have defrost modes. If you don’t have a heat pump, and you use a regular central AC, there is really no good reason why this should happen.

There are bad reasons, though. You might just have a really dirty AC filter.  You can check that on your own. If the ice is really building up, or if the filter seems totally fine, then it could be a refrigerant leak. That is definitely not a problem to ignore.

2. Strange New Sounds

Your air conditioner should be reliable. And not just in terms of cooling your home. You should generally know what to expect it to sound like. If your AC is unreliable or unpredictable in terms of its operating sounds, then it’s operation is probably soon to follow. What kinds of sounds do we mean?

Pretty much anything new or unusual. Let us know if your system is:

  • Grinding
  • Rattling
  • Clanging
  • Banging
  • Hissing

3. Odd Odors

Your air conditioner shouldn’t really be emitting much in the way of odors. Again, a dirty filter could certainly lead to this problem. But if it isn’t something as simple as switching out a dirty filter, there might be something else going on. In particular, be conscious of any burning odors, chemical odors, or certainly any musty smell that may bring mold to mind.

4. High Operating Costs

Just because your energy bill is automatically debited from your account doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention. You don’t want to be paying more than you should for your comfort. You also don’t want to ignore abnormally high operating costs, because it means something is wrong with your system! And it may only result in high costs today. Tomorrow, it could be a breakdown!

5. Subpar Cooling!

We’ll keep this one quick. When it comes to your comfort, good enough is not good enough. If you notice that your AC isn’t living up to your performance expectations, that is reason enough to give us a call.

Schedule your AC repairs with Collier’s Comfort.



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