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Can Ductless Air Conditioning Benefit You?


Most homes in the area rely on central air conditioning, a dependable form of technology that does its job quickly and efficiently. The air is cooled in a single unit and then evenly distributed through your house with a series of ducts. It works quite well, but it’s not the only system out there, and depending upon your needs, your home might do better with an alternative model. In particular, ductless air conditioning systems provide a number of benefits that central air doesn’t, though it depends as always on the specifics of your home. Let’s take a closer look at how ductless air conditioning works.

Decentralized, but Comprehensive

It’s best to look at ductless air conditioning as a variant of the old adage about keeping all your eggs in one basket. Centralized systems use just one unit to cool the air. Ductless systems, on the other hand, use multiple smaller units spaced throughout your home, each one charged with cooling a single room or section. The units can be controlled independently, which means you can set different temperatures in different rooms. Some systms offer master controls.

What Does That Do?

Ductless air conditioners cost more to install than centralized units, since multiple units need to be set up instead of just one. In exchange, however, they provide a number of benefits. The first and most obvious comes in that they don’t require ducts to function. This can be huge if your home can’t normally support the ducts that a centralized system needs (this often happens with homes that predate the invention of air conditioning). There’s also the luxury of being able to let different family members set the temperature to taste in their respective area. That eliminates squabbling around the setting on the thermostat while still ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

But the biggest advantage comes in your pocketbook. By turning the cool air off in parts of the home you’re not using – while still running it in parts of the home you are – you can enjoy the full benefits of centralized air without having to pay more than is absolutely necessary. Not only will that drop your monthly cooling bill, but it could extend the overall life of your system, which won’t be subjected to unnecessary wear and tear.

Which Homes Benefit?

The most obvious beneficiaries of a ductless cooling system are homes without crawlspaces, which wouldn’t be able to support comprehensive air conditioning otherwise. The system also benefits large homes, which might struggle to evenly cool the air and which could really benefit from the air turned off in, say, the bedrooms of family members who are at work or school. Along those lines, homes with multiple occupants, such as hostels, hospices and boarding homes, allow individual occupants to set the temperatures they wish without impacting any other occupants.

If ductless air conditioning systems sounds like a good fit for your Fort Wayne, IN home, call the friendly professionals at Collier’s Comfort to set up a consultation. We can get your new ductless system set up before summer hits!

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