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What to Do if Your Heat Pump Doesn’t Switch Modes

Winter is officially in full swing, and temperatures are getting colder and colder. If you have a heat pump, you want to make sure that it is working well as a heater before temperatures drop even more. But if your heat pump is stuck in cooling mode and won’t switch over for heating, that’s a problem.

It means you need to schedule a heat pump service in Huntington, IN. Give our team a call and we can help troubleshoot a stuck reversing valve on your heat pump. You can keep reading to learn more about why your heat pump might be stuck in one mode, and what we can do about it.

Reversing Valve

One of the most obvious places to check when you have heat pump problems is the reversing valve. The reversing valve is a unique component that allows refrigerant inside of your heat pump to move in the opposite direction and absorb heat from the outside to bring into your home.

As your heat pump gets up in age, it is common for this reversing valve to wear down and get stuck in one mode or the other. For example, it may be stuck in cooling mode and won’t switch over to provide heat from your home. In reality, nothing is wrong with your heat pump itself. Instead, the reversing valve just needs to be replaced so that your heat pump can switch modes as it was designed to do.

Thermostat Connections

If your reversing valve is not the problem, it could be your thermostat. After all, you select heat settings on your thermostat, and it communicates with your heater to increase the temperature and decrease the temperature, turning the system on and off at the right times.

If those connections are interrupted for any reason, like a malfunction, your heat pump may not switch modes the way it needs to for heating. Of course, your heat pump may be set to the proper mode, but still not working correctly because of the lack of communication with the thermostat. Luckily, thermostat issues are easy to troubleshoot.

Lack of Airflow

If neither of the problems above are contributing to your heat pump not operating correctly, there may simply be a lack of airflow. It’s possible that your air filter is dirty and clogged, blocking air from getting into the system. Or maybe the ventilation that channels it zoster outside of your home is clogged, trapping that exhaust air in the system and causing problems.

If vents around your home are blocked, heated air cannot blow out into the rooms at your home. If this heat gets trapped inside of your heat pump, it can lead to the system overheating and shutting down completely. No matter what the problem is, our team can troubleshoot until we figure it out and come up with a solution to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.

True Comfort, True Savings. The team at Colliers Comfort is here to serve you. Schedule an appointment today for heat pump service.

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