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Your AC Really Needs a Fresh Air Filter

man-with-filterEveryone wants to enjoy a great performance from their home cooling systems during the hottest days of summer. How do you get that level of performance quality? By scheduling your AC installation with qualified professionals, enrolling in our HomeSavers Club for your routine maintenance needs, and getting out ahead of any necessary air conditioning repairs in Fort Wayne, IN. There’s one step that is missing from that nearly-complete list, though.

That step is changing your air filter. We know, we know. It sounds like a relatively minor point.  It sounds like something we should handle during maintenance. And we do. However, changing your air filter once a year simply is not enough. Typically, these filters need to be changed every 1-3 months, though a lot of different factors can affect your specific timeframe.  These filters are cheap and they’re easy to get in place, and they can really help to keep some serious problems with your air conditioner at bay.

What Does This Air Filter Do?

I mean, air filters filter air, right? Is this a trick question? 

No, it is not a trick question. However, the answer is not really that simple, either. Yes, the air filter filters air entering your system. However, the purpose that this filter serves is not really to boost indoor air quality throughout your home. Instead, this filter filters air in order to protect your air conditioning system itself. While whole-house air filters are available, and they’re well-worth your attention, the filter that is in your air conditioning system is not efficient enough to boost air quality throughout the living space.

By filtering pollutants out of the air as it enters your HVAC system, though, this filter is able to do great things—provided that it’s not too clogged up. It protect the condition of your system and its operation by preventing the buildup of pollutants on sensitive components within the system.

Why Is This Important?

When you try to force air through an air filter that is very dirty, it’s a lot harder than doing the exact same thing with a clean air filter. That increased airflow resistance leads to the consumption of more energy as your system has to work harder to cool your home. That drives up energy costs, leaving you to pay more for your comfort. And, frankly, your comfort will suffer too!

The more clogged the filter is, the weaker your system’s cooling output will feel. It will suffer unnecessary wear and tear as a result of the added strain on the system. It will start to short cycle as it tries to prevent overheating, which only makes efficiency fall further. The coil can get too cold due to decreased airflow, and that can cause the condensation on the coil to freeze.  This insulates the coil, exacerbating the problem further.

When you keep a fresh air filter in your AC, you are working to actively avoid such problems. It’s well worth it, don’t you think?

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