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Doug Jackson's Profile Image
Doug Jackson, Last month

Very professional, prompt service with well qualified technician. Ryan was very cordial, prompt, thorough, and professional. He went out of his way to give me a tutorial on geothermal system operation and maintenance. I found the service exceptional and the quality of personnel exemplary.

Gary, Fort Wayne's Profile Image
Gary, Fort Wayne

This is our 3rd furnace/air we have purchased through your company. Well satisfied!

Deb Duhamell's Profile Image
Deb Duhamell, This year

Very nice and upfront with issues and knowledgeable staff...

Bear Leigh's Profile Image
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Bear Leigh, This year

Collier's installed our geothermal system in 2010. We have them come out twice a year to perform preventative maintenance on it. Ryan has been our technician from day 1. Speaks volumes that there isn't a constant turn over in technicians. Always friendly and reliable. If there have been any issues, Collier's sends their technician out quickly and we have always been happy with the results. I would highly recommend Collier's for installation, maintenance and service for your heating and cooling needs.

Chris Alfeld's Profile Image
Chris Alfeld, This year

Always on time, professional, and polite. Never try to upswell you on anything.

Sasha Benson's Profile Image
Sasha Benson, This year
Pat Mcmillan's Profile Image
Pat Mcmillan, This year

Scheduled maintenance performed. Arrived on time and performed system checks and basic cleaning.

Mary Carol Stidd's Profile Image
Mary Carol Stidd, This year
Nancy Miller's Profile Image
Nancy Miller, This year

Great people to work with and technicians are very knowledgeable. Office staff is friendly and communicate very well with appointments etc

James Bond's Profile Image
James Bond, This year
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