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Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, IN winters are as cold as they come, with temperatures well below freezing and regular snowfall to tangle traffic and turn the world into an ice box. A reliable heating system is vital to keeping your home safe and comfortable, so why should a business be any different? Most of us spend our workdays in a commercial space of some form, after all, and commercial business need to keep computers and other equipment free of cold damage as well.

At Collier's Comfort, we provide a wide array of services for commercial heaters of all varieties. That includes installation, repairs, maintenance and replacement services, all conducted with the swiftness and efficiency you expect. If you’re experiencing trouble with your heater, or you’d like to schedule a regular servicing plan, call on a company you’ve grown to trust!

Your Satisfaction with every job.

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Danielle Knell, This week

Techs are always very friendly and make sure that you understand the costs of services so that there are no surprises.

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Max, Ossian

I started to use Collier's when I moved to Ossian, and I will continue to do so.

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Dan Potter, Last week

We have always been treated fairly and my heating and air conditioning have run flawlessly. Previous companies I have had in my home were shyster's! ...

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Don’t Wait for Heating Repair Services

Commercial heaters can break down for any number of reasons, but you need to get them treated the right way even more quickly. Even a few hours without a reliable heating system can turn your commercial space into an icebox: damaging vital equipment, driving away customers and forcing employees to work in uncomfortable conditions.

At Collier's Comfort, we know how important timely repairs can be for your commercial service. That’s why we move swiftly to calls throughout the Fort Wayne area, and can perform repairs off–hours to ensure that your business isn’t unduly affected! That means more than just getting the system fixed in short order. It means ensuring that the problem doesn’t recur just a few weeks or months later, and that you get the maximum value for your investment.

Set Up a Servicing Session

You can’t always prevent breakdowns in your commercial heater, but you can take steps to reduce their frequency and impact on your business by scheduling regular servicing sessions once or twice a year (usually in the spring or fall at the opposite ends of heating season).

That provides two benefits:

  1. If any problems requiring repairs arise, the technician can spot them before they shut your heating system, down. That allows you to schedule a repair session at your leisure, as well as likely saving money on the repair operation itself
  2. Regular servicing improves the heater’s efficiency, lowering the monthly costs of operating it and helping reduce wear and tear on its components.

Use Rooftop Units to Provide Maximum Flexibility

Rooftop heating units are a great option for commercial heaters and air conditioners: multiple units placed on the roof of your business to provide heat (and often cool air in the summer). They provide a number of benefits, including the ability of repair technicians to work on them out of the way of your regular operations, and the ability to add and subtract units easily to meet changing needs.

We’re trained experts with the skills and experience you need to keep commercial heating systems of all varieties up and running. If you need new rooftop units added, or you’re just interested in keeping existing units at the top of their game, call on us today!

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