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Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Fort Wayne, IN

Temperature control is very important for your business here in Fort Wayne, IN, but if you’ve spent any time in the area, you know that indoor air quality is just as important. Muggy summers and dry winters can wreak havoc on your business space, and a preponderance of dust is never a welcome sight.

The good news is that there are a number of IAQ products for your commercial space that can resolve those problems quite nicely. And with the trained professionals at Collier's Comfort on the job, we can install, repair, maintain and replace those systems the right way to keep your business running. Contact us today to discuss your options: we’re a company you’ve grown to trust!

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Pat Mcmillan, Last week

Scheduled maintenance performed. Arrived on time and performed system checks and basic cleaning.

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Nancy Miller, This month

Great people to work with and technicians are very knowledgeable. Office staff is friendly and communicate very well with appointments etc

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Don Yake, Last month

On time with great service.

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Get a Handle on Dust and Dirt

High dust content can wreak havoc on any business in the Fort Wayne area. It can ruin products, affect computers and other sensitive equipment and even affect the health levels of your employees: forcing them to take time off to deal with colds and infections. Some businesses require particularly fastidious environments in order to do their work sufficiently.

The solution is an air filter or air cleaner tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it’s an electronic filter designed to capture dust or a UV filter to eliminate germs, we’ll install the right unit you need to keep your business space clean. We’ll also be on hand for timely repairs and quality servicing whenever you need it!

Muggy Air Demands a Dehumidifier

Humidity levels go through the roof here in Fort Wayne in the summer, which can have a devastating effect on your business if you allow it. It can damage sensitive equipment like computers, as well as creating a hot and oppressive atmosphere that drives away customers and forces employees to work in miserable conditions.

A commercial air conditioner can handle it to a certain extent, but it’s not designed for such duties, and the resulting strain can create big problems down the road. Instead, look into a commercial dehumidifier, which can tailor the humidity levels to match the needs of your business, and leave your space healthier and more comfortable as a result!

Fight Dry Air with a Commercial Humidifier

Just as muggy air becomes a problem in the summer, so too does dry air impact our winters, and heating systems are often ill–prepared to deal with the load. That can create huge problems for your business, including an increase in health issues among your workers and damage to key components in your business.

Commercial humidifiers can help address that: restoring comfortable humidity levels to your office space and providing a relaxing environment for your workers and customers. Commercial humidifiers also serve a vital function in maintaining chemicals and products like flowers, which may require a certain humidity level to thrive. Our trained team can handle installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services on a wide variety of commercial humidifiers. Call us today to discuss your options. You’ll be glad you did!

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